About Me

Welcome to my personal page. My name is Tobias Knuth, I am a data scientist, machine learning engineer, and lecturer. I worked as an IT project manager within the otto group and as the lead of data science and AI in an automotive logistics startup. I hold lectures in subjects such as quantitative research methods, statistics, programming, artificial intelligence, data science, and algorithms and data structures. Here, you find information about me and my projects. Feel free to contact me via e-mail or XING.

Current Projects

Machine Learning Meetup

You are welcome to participate in our meetup. I started the group in order to facilitate sharing information on machine learning, discussing theoretical ideas as well as their practical implementation and providing an interface for programmers and scientists.

Software Projects

I am working on a couple of public repositories, including Alfred workflows, LaTeX snippets for Sublime Text. These projects are available on GitHub.


Marketing Innovation Day 2017

Roundtable discussion at the Marketing Innovation Day 2017 at the Handelskammer Hamburg about how data science offers new opportunities for marketing. The programme of the event can be found here.

39th Annual ISMS Marketing Science Conference

Presentation of »E-Commerce Mailorder Fraud: Feature Analysis of B2C Transaction Data« at the 39th Annual ISMS Marketing Science Conference in Los Angeles.

46th EMAC Annual Conference

Presentation of »How to Detect Fraud — Evaluation of B2C E-Commerce Transaction Data« at the 46th EMAC Annual Conference in Groningen.

Neue Philanthropische Gesellschaft e.V.

The moral dilemma of intelligent systems: When computers take over decision making, challenges and opportunities arise regarding the design of such systems. The website of the Neue Philanthropische Gesellschaft e.V can be found here.