About me

I am an economist working on computer science projects and currently write my dissertation about the evaluation of fraud detection systems. Feel free to contact me via , XING, or LinkedIn. You can find me on GitHub as well.


Machine Learning Meetup

You are welcome to participate in our meetup. I started the group in order to facilitate sharing information on machine learning, discussing theoretical ideas as well as their practical implementation and providing an interface for programmers and scientists.

Introduction to Neural Networks

Working with backpropagation multi-layer perceptron networks, I wrote a very short introduction to neural networks and their e-commerce applications which can be read here [German PDF].

LaTeX Snippets

Install LaTeX Snippets via Sublime's package manager or download them from GitHub and save the whole project in your package directory.

Python Libraries

Two small libraries are available, DataFlow offers helper functinos for working with data from Elasticsearch and mongoDB in a consistent manner, and DataView facilitates preparation, analysis, and visualization of data.


2009 - 2012

Dual Bachelor in Business Administration at the Hamburg School of Business Administration

2012 - 2014

Master in Management (Marketing & Sales) at the Hochschule für Oekonomie & Management Hamburg


DBA programme at Edinburgh Napier University in Scotland and Hamburg School of Business Administration

Work Experience

2009 - 2012

OTTO GmbH & Co. KG and xplosion interactive GmbH, working in several departments accompanying my studies


Data Scientist and doctoral candidate within the otto group, and lecturer at the Hamburg School of Business Administration